“We adapt the newest technologies from multiple industries in each of our processes”

Our Story

We welcome you to be a part of the story of Flores El Capiro

We have been acknowledged as the best in the world because our family, our history, and dreams are weaved in a unique way, determined by the art of growing flowers, delivering hope and making dreams come true.

Our family

We believe that by providing safe, amiable working conditions, so that our people feel “at home”, we are building a better today and a better tomorrow for everybody. Our family, the 2.500 employees that take care and nurture each of Capiro’s teams, work together in order to deliver our flowers with he best quality standards. We feel proud of our people happiness and passion for their work.

Our dreams

During the last 41 years we have grown dreams and flowers. We believe in the power of these flowers and their ability to transmit feelings and deliver hope from one place to another. Since 1982 we focused our production in Antioquia, an ideal place for growing flowers. We trust that by doing things differently, the results will be unique.

Our flowers

In order for our flowers to speak about their origin, we constantly provide good care and a responsible, user-friendly environment. All of our flowers have a thousand smiles seal, and the certainty of being grown in a place where people are our biggest treasure.

Our history

Through flowers we tell stories. We know the sentimental value of a flower. Thus, with a high sense of responsibility, we have developed an innovative, conscious and productive way to transport them around the world. We have shipped more than 11.223 containers over the last fourteen years. We have persisted in our ideals so that, preserving the best possible quality, our flowers travel farther every way.


1982: the company was founded under the name of "Geranios" by a group of visionary investors. Our main purpose was to grow and market commercialize horticultural products.

1985: we started producing flowers such as roses, carnation flowers and chrysanthemums.

1997: we acquired the company Flores El Capiro and decided that it would be our name from that point.

2001: we started with 3 new production centers, which represented growth for our company and gave us a new look.

2006: when entering to compete with the Dutch companies in England, we were driven to create our flagship product: the "Capiro-type pompom", and to expand our portfolio with bouquets. We achieved this thanks to our CEO, who in addition to being a leader in Flores El Capiro, is a leader in the industry.

2006: looking to be a socially, environmentally and economically responsible company, we started working to improve our daily practices, this helped us to certify ourselves in different international standards that work in a safe and sustainable way.

2008: in order to improve the quality of life of our employees, we created the Employee Fund named FOEC. Through this fund we offer our employees the opportunity to save for their studies, traveling and improving their wellbeing and that of their families.

2008: this year we began to investigate and create new logistics processes, obtaining as a result the shipment of our first maritime container loaded with flowers to the United Kingdom and Chile.

2013: we started sending our flowers in sea containers to Australia, which meant another great achievement as a company.

2017: we won the "Gold" award in the Cut Flowers category and the "Gold Rose" for the best producer of the year, granted by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).

2020: we made the decision to grow to over 100 hectares under greenhouse.

2022: We celebrated our 40th anniversary, where the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, attended and awarded us with the Order of Business Merit.


Paradigms in our industry must be broken, questioning them in order to make changes and innovate.

  • Today we are leaders in Colombia in the production of Chrysantemums, with more than 40 years of experience growing satisfaction.
  • Flores El Capiro is also well known for shipping freshly cut flowers, with over 12 years of experience sending refrigerated containers around the world. Sea transportation has a lower carbon footprint and less negative impact in the environment.

Did you know that a container sent to England takes 15 days from port to port?

  • We care about the environment, that’s why we work each day in order to reduce the use of pesticides, replacing them with biorationals that protect our flowers without making any harm, while controlling bad plagues and protecting species like bees.
  • We use LED lightbulbs as a source of artificial light, in order to reduce energy consumption.
  • Our investigation lab is in charge of frequently studying different elements in order to include them in our processes.

Did you know that a container sent to Australia takes 25 days from port to port?


We grow satisfaction


By 2025, Flores El Capiro S.A. will be the leading producer of high quality Chrysanthemums, with integral logistics to supply the most important supermarkets in the world and the E-commerce channel, based on technological innovation and social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Corporate values


We demand that everything is well done and with quality

  • We are punctual
  • We perform each task with commitment and discipline
  • We verify that what is said is done
  • We finish what we start


We take care of us

  • We confront problems with transparency
  • We are fair with people
  • We act with honor
  • We report frauds


We work thinking in the long term

  • We take care of our integrity and those who surround us
  • We are inclusive, accepting difference and rejecting discrimination
  • We address others in good terms and with the right language
  • We take care of our natural resources
  • We fulfill our promises


We work as if we were the owners

  • We are creative while exploring solutions
  • We aim to achieve long term goals
  • We motivate others with our good example
  • We improve our performance day by day


We care about each other

  • We smile
  • We support our team with each of their tasks
  • We share our achievements and benefits
  • We understand the reality of our groups of interest.