Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

We are a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, a special occasion to share blessings and wishes with your closest friends, to be thankful, and to celebrate with family. We honor with you this time of gratitude and prosperity by sharing the most fresh and beautiful flowers grown in our Colombian fields.

Whether you’re welcoming guests into your home or attending a seasonal party, our flowers grown with love, effort and dedication will make these holidays better, which is why we bring you some ideas as inspiration for this date. Don’t worry about the kind of room that you have or the other decorations, our flowers, with their different shapes and colors will easily complement any space by conveying the magical touch you want for this season.

Just like families, Thanksgiving flowers come in many forms, our Chrysanthemums will help you create the perfect match whether you prefer a traditional look or a more modern arrangement with your favorite fall colors. The Cremones are a great focal point in the floral arrangement of your table, so are the Daisies for their striking colors. The Spider with its thin petals and its large size can also be the accent piece to use in your home.

The Cushions and novelties perfectly serve as a complement to the Chrysanthemums arrangements, its spongy textures and undefined center are the ideal companions to recreate with your centerpiece the autumn atmosphere of these festivities.

Warm tones of autumn like red, orange and brown are perfect for bouquets. We chose a color palette to bring something wonderful to your Thanksgiving table: red pear, ceylon yellow, martini olive, russet orange, meerkat, brown and corpulent wood.

On this date there are a thousand reasons to acknowledge what has been received over the year. With everyone bringing gifts and food, flower arrangements are an excellent alternative to capture the holiday spirit for your dinner with family and friends. Remember, even if Thanksgiving is already special, flowers make it better.