Summer is here, and although you might be postponing travelling plans and spending more time at home, it’s the perfect time to get some flowers and brighten the day. Studies have shown that attraction to flowers may be directly related to positive emotions, which leads to a positive mood. This are some blooms that can handle the heat and will bring that color into your house.

One seasonal flower that sings summer are HYDRANGEAS! Although hydrangeas bloom from early spring all the way until autumn, they´re considered one of summer´s popular flowers. Hydrangeas are used for various occasions like wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and important events. They bloom in many different colors and shades bringing an immediate tranquility to your home.



What flower is synonymous with hot summer months? It´s daisy. The name “daisy” is based on the words “day’s eye”, probably because the head opens in the morning and closes each night. The meaning of daisies are related to their cheerful appearance. They are flowers that symbolize positivism. They have a huge variety and are highly wanted for wedding decorations and floral arrangements.


So there it is, some summer loving flowers. Choose some of your favorites and get ready to celebrate this summer!

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