Capiro woman – strong and empowered

The women of Capiro are dreamers, passionate, dedicated, fighters, and empowered. For all these reasons we admire and recognize on this day their struggles, the scars that have made them stronger and braver. In March we celebrate the day of working women, to commemorate the bravery of those who struggled for a fairer society. We embrace their lineage, the tears, and the smile they carry in their souls. Because they are women with a heart full of flowers, women who carry on their shoulders the hope and the struggle that makes them invincible to the world. Therefore, we want to share with you ten great stories of ten great women.


Bercy Milena Salazar, define herself as a fighter, responsible at her work, and likes to give all of herself. She is a cheerful girl; likes to sing and likes to make others feel happy.




Diana Ordoñez, define herself as a persevering person, a woman who has been able to get the best out of life. As a woman she admires her mother so much, because from her she learned that in the presence of difficulties we must overcome them. That every dawn is an opportunity to live and to insist again. Dreams always have a reason that deserve a sacrifice, but they are worth it.

“Life has been wonderful with me, but it has also brought its challenges and I have been able to overcome them with God’s help.”


Luz María Galvis defines herself as a very strong woman, very determined. She admires her little daughter, of 15 years old. With sadness in her eyes, she relates the story of her daughter that with her young age she got a disease defined as a very dangerous one, but nevertheless her daughter has fought and never let this disease get her down.

“I have never needed the help of a man or a partner to fight for my children. I have raised them on my own and I have fought alone.”


Claudia Janeth Castro Rodríguez belongs to the Alhambra farm. She considers herself as a warrior, always tries to overcome obstacles, to be responsible and determined dealing with problems. She admires a friend named, Maria Luisa, because she was diagnosed with cancer.

 “I admire a friend of mine, Maria Luisa, because she is a person who was diagnosed with cancer. I admire that person very much because she does not back down, she lives happy all the time, she goes for walks and stays very happy.”


Natalia Luna defines herself as a very joyful woman, happy with life and with a great desire to live.  Above all, she is an enterprising woman with a great desire to move forward every day. As a woman she also admires other women, especially her older sister.“She is also a fighter, with a lot of will to live, enterprising, a woman who had a very hard time in life and despite the difficulties she has managed to get ahead.”


Angela María Sanchez

“I value myself as a woman and I want people to value me as well. I admire my mom and my little sister because they are women like me.”




Erica Janeth Posada defines herself as a strong woman, responsible and above all respectful with all people. She admires her mother because is also a fighter being able to get ahead with her children regardless of life’s adversities.





María Acened Castaño defines herself as a responsible, loving woman, a woman with many purposes in life. She wants to achieve all her goals making them come true. The woman that she admires the most is her mother, because she was an enterprising woman, a woman who got ahead despite her poverty and difficulties.

“She always inculcated in us respect, honesty, and responsibility.”



She is Gloria Jaramillo, a responsible and loving woman. Although life has given her a little hard, she moved forward with her daughter and is so happy! She admires her mother because is the one who has raised her up.  Her name is Berta and is a fighter like her.“She was father and mother at the same time, no matter how many sleepless nights, how many worries, she is always upright, and she is my favorite woman. “


Lastly, meet Gladys Stella Atehortúa, a responsible strong woman.

“If I had to define myself as a woman and look back, I would define myself as a WARRIOR.”



These 10 women make us so proud, for opening their heart and sharing part of their story. In this month of women, we want to remind you that we must love ourselves as we are, have self-esteem and love ourselves above anything else. We must be strong and every day with a lot of desire to move forward.

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