The Chrysanthemum Week was born from the dream of achieving the international recognition of Colombia as the world center of Chrysanthemum, highlighting that our country offers extraordinary quality throughout the year. In this week, most Chrysanthemum Breeders blossom their new varieties of flowers within the same week to offer them to the market. Moreover, lectures, speeches, and conferences take place gathering the entire value chain players (breeders, growers, importers, supermarkets and many more) around topics such as development, innovation, logistics, competitiveness, marketing, and floral design.

A few years ago, each breeder used to organize individually its Open House and exhibition of varieties; but it was in 2015 whereby coincidence Deliflor and Dümmen Orange ended up doing it in the same week. The result was so positive, that they continued doing their Open House together in week 35, then other Breeders joined them, such as Danziger in 2016, Icon and Dekker in 2018, Royal Van Zanten and Floritec in 2019, Progeny Breeding and Selecta One in 2020, and Illumina this year achieving this way, the participation of almost all the chrysanthemum breeders present in Colombia.

This year the event will be held in Colombia from August 30 till September 3. It is organized by Asocolflores and during this week, week 35, several breeders will give the opportunity to see the best varieties in bloom.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope”

-Lady Bird Johnson

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