Cycling your way out of the environmental footprint

While most people know that to make a positive contribution to the environment, they need to reduce their carbon footprint by using a more eco-friendly transportation, few of them consider bicycles as an option to help the environment while bettering their health and other aspects of their life. For these reasons, we´ll share some of the most important and significant reasons for riding your bike from place to place and convince you to contemplate the idea while considering healthier and greener transportation options.

The more cars we get off the road, the better it will be for the environment. Bicycles require no gas and therefore no harmful vehicle emission or smog are emitted to the environment while riding one. Opting to use yours a few times a week instead of your car or motorcycle is the easiest and most effective way of reducing the environmental footprint.

Furthermore, riding a bike will help you lose fat, build muscle, strengthen your legs and heart while lowering your blood pressure. It´s also known that besides all these benefits, riding a bicycle will also help reduce stress and anxiety while bettering your mood and clearing your mind. Exercising your way to work or any other place, will also help you sleep better and live longer.

Economically speaking, is cheaper to operate and move in a bicycle than in a car. This transportation method does not require monthly payments, insurance, fuel, or maintenance; you won’t have to pay for parking or valet service and you won´t need to find a home with a huge garage  for your vehicle.

Cycling is an eco-friendly transportation that will get you everywhere faster since cyclists do not have to deal with traffic. It´s also a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family, ride social or competitively, discover new routes, teach others how to ride or even join a bike club.

At first, the change will not be easy, however, the more you ride, the more you understand its perks and benefits, and the more you´ll enjoy it. Cycling teaches you how to be resourceful when you´re on your own,  overcome obstacles,  be adventurous and try new things,  enjoy and value a nice weather or a beautiful view, and  contribute in a positive way to both, the environment and your own health.

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