DIY Easter Basket

Easter is full of many customs, traditions, and symbols borrowed from Christianity and the ancient world. The religious origin of Easter finds representation in Christian descriptions, while most people are familiar with the cheerily colored eggs and hopping bunnies that come to us from the spring festivals of antique. But a common theme connects these symbols, they all represent fertility, new life, and rebirth. With their soft, delicate petals and growing blooms, it’s no wonder Easter Flowers are also matching symbols for this time of the year.

Spring flowers are the perfect way to add warmth, colorful joy, and feelings of cheer to any Easter celebration and home. These flowers have always represented abundance, renewal, and fertility, so choosing colorful and fragrant Easter flowers is the best way to fill and decor a space in this season.  The natural scent of azaleas, tulips, lilies, and peaceful daises will strengthen your spirit and fill a room with new life.  More specifically we think that the sweet aroma from a daisy, signifies purity and gentleness, this flower will fill any environment with an easter mood.

Is that time when most people pay that little extra attention to their home and decoration again. Follow our DIY tips and make this time of the year memorable.

What you will need:

– Flowers of your choice.

– Basket with large handle.

-Small painted eggs.

-Floral wire.



-Hot glue.



1. Take your bouquet and separate the flowers from greenery. Trim the flowers so that the stems are approximately 1” long.

2. Fill the bottom of your basket with folded dishrags, to dill the depth of it. Then, cover the bottom with moss and painted eggs.








3. Next, take some floral wire and tie the flowers around the handle.







4. Add some flowers in the inner rim of the basket so it looks fuller. Place the basket at the center of your table as a centerpiece and enjoy!







If you are looking for rejuvenate your spirit and surround you with tranquility during the Easter season, consider getting flowers of Capiro to adorn and brighten your home.



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