Empowered women, Capiro women

In March we celebrate the day of working women, to commemorate the bravery of those who struggled for a fairer society. Since the United Nations in 1975 institutionalized this day, the search for equality and recognition of women in society and their professional development still stands.

Employment opportunities for women in Latin America have increased dramatically in the last twenty years and they are well-known for being outstanding employees. Many of them work within the floral industry to contribute significantly to the economy, cultivating not only flowers, but hopes and dreams.

Colombia has become a worldwide example due to the support it has given to empowered women, providing welfare and safety programs to improve their quality of life and recognize their excellent work.

Floriculture, full of women

The role of women in floriculture is of great importance. They work delicately and skillfully taking care of every detail. According to Asocolflores president, Augusto Solano, women in Colombia are 65% of the 140,000 formal jobs generated by this activity. They are usually women heads of household, who through flowers have been able to overcome poverty and provide better opportunities for their families.

Marcos Ossa, director of Asocolflores, said that flower production in Antioquia generates around 8.250 jobs for women who benefit in average other 3,5 people. Showing once again the importance this gender represents for both, industry and society.

In Capiro, we celebrate our women

Strong, persistent and determined are just some of the qualities of the 754 women who work in Capiro, 286 of them households’ heads. They have very important roles in each of our five production, packaging, monitoring and administrative charges.

Thanks to our women and their work with flowers, we have built community scenarios, promoting their leadership and celebrating their gender strength. That is why we’ll celebrate the women´s day in Capiro with an inspiring speech about their importance in our life, a snack, and a candle that represents what their light means to us.

According to Marisol Silva, Capiro’s Human Resources Director, “the women in our company are dream builders, they wake up every day determined to work hard to accomplish every job and personal goal. Their empowerment is an inspiration and makes us feel very proud”.

Today we thank mothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters, friends, grandmothers, daughters, and all women who fill our hearts with happiness every day. In the month of women, we express our admiration for them with Capiro’s flowers.