Nuestra historia

Our Story

Hemos sido reconocidos a nivel mundial por ser los mejores productores de crisantemos. Nuestra familia, nuestra historia y nuestros sueños están tejidos de una forma única por el arte de cultivar flores llenos de esperanza ayudándonos a cumplir todos nuestros sueños. Buscamos adaptar las tecnologías emergentes de diferentes industrias a todos nuestros procesos. 

Nuestra Familia
Nuestros sueños
Nuestras flores

Through Time

Through flowers, we tell stories. We understand the sentimental value of a flower.

Por eso, con un alto nivel de responsabilidad, hemos desarrollado una forma productiva, innovadora y consciente para transportar todas nuestras flores por el mundo.

En los últimos dieciséis años, hemos enviado más de 12,040 contenedores llenos de flores alrededor del mundo. Hemos persistido en nuestros ideales para preservar de esta why our flowers reach farther each time. 


Capiro fue fundada bajo el nombre de «Geranios». Nuestro principal propósito era cultivar y comercializar productos hortícolas.


We started producing flowers such as roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums.


We acquired the company Flores El Capiro and decided that this would be our name from then on.


We started with three new production centers, representing growth for our company.

  • Nos vimos impulsados a crear nuestro producto estrella: el «pompón tipo Capiro», y a ampliar nuestro portafolio con bouquets. 
  • Comenzamos a trabajar para mejorar nuestras prácticas diarias y certificarnos en diferentes normas internacionales que promueven el cultivo seguro y sostenible. 
  • Creamos el Fondo de Empleados ¨FOEC¨, para brindar a nuestros empleados la oportunidad de ahorrar para estudiar, viajar y mejorar el bienestar de nuestros colaboradores y sus familias. 
  • Comenzamos a investigar y a crear nuevos procesos logísticos, obteniendo como resultado el envío de nuestros primeros contenedores marítimos cargados de flores al Reino Unido y Chile.

We started shipping our flowers in maritime containers to Australia, which was another significant achievement for our company.


We won the "Gold" award in the Cut Flowers category and the "Gold Rose" for the best producer of the year, awarded by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH).


We decided to grow and surpass 100 hectares under greenhouse.


We celebrated our 40th anniversary, attended by the President of Colombia, Iván Duque. There, we were awarded the Order of Business Merit.

  • Embarcamos el contenedor número 10.000 y lo celebramos con un evento artístico con nuestros colaboradores convirtiéndolo en una pieza única.
  • We were certified as Carbon Neutral.

Alcanzamos los 12,000 contenedores lo que equivale 1,440,000 de tallos enviados por todo el mundo.

  • Today, we are leaders in Colombia of chrysanthemum production with over 42 years of experience growing satisfaction. 
  • Somos especializados a nivel mundial en el transporte marítimo de flores de corte, con más de 16 años de experiencia enviando contenedores alrededor del mundo. El transporte marítimo tiene una menor huella de carbono y un menor impacto sobre el medio ambiente. 


Did you know that a container to Australia takes 25 days to travel from port to port? 

  • We are committed to preserving our environment. Therefore, we work every day to reduce the use of pesticides in our soils, replacing them with bio-rational elements that care for our flowers, controlling pest populations and protecting beneficial ones, such as bees (pollinators).
  • We use LED bulbs as a source of artificial light to reduce energy consumption.
  • We have a research laboratory, a place where constant studies are conducted with our engineers, agronomists, and student interns to apply different academic elements to our processes.

We grow satisfaction. 


By 2025, Capiro will be the leading high-quality chrysanthemum-producing company, with comprehensive logistics to supply the world's most important supermarkets and e-commerce channel. It will be based on technological innovation, social, environmental, and economic sustainability. 

Corporate Values
Valores corporativos

We are dedicated to people

  • We smile
  • We support our teamwork in completing tasks
  • We share achievements and benefits
  • We understand the reality of our stakeholders

We do it as if we were the owners

  • We explore our creativity in finding solutions
  • We aspire to long-term goals in the company
  • We motivate our colleagues with our example
  • We improve our performance period by period

We work thinking in the long term

  • We take care of our physical integrity and that of the people around us
  • We are inclusive, accept differences, and reject discrimination
  • We address others with good terms and polite language
  • We report fraud
  • We fulfill what we agree upon with different stakeholders

We cultivate and protect our reputation.

  • We face problems with transparency
  • We are fair with people.
  • We act with honesty
  • We report fraud

We do and demand everything well done and with quality

  • We are punctual
  • We perform assigned tasks with commitment and discipline
  • We verify that everything we commit to is well done
  • We finish everything we start



In 2017, Flores El Capiro won the "Gold" awards in the Cut Flowers category and the "Gold Rose" for the best producer of the year, awarded by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) in Essen, Germany.

DFG is one of the world's largest flower suppliers to retailers and wholesalers. In 2007, it awarded Flores El Capiro as the best supplier in the world for them

The British supermarket chain awarded Flores El Capiro as the best producer of the year in 2009

The Presidency of the Republic of Colombia awarded us the Order of Merit for Business, which aims to recognize the most outstanding companies in the country and the visionary leaders who innovate to evolve and transcend, driving the economic and social transformation of the regions.

It is the largest floral fair in Latin America and the meeting point for the flower industry. It takes place every 2 years in Colombia, and we have been winners on different occasions as the best cultivators of varieties. We have also been awarded several times for having the best stand

Asocolflores awarded us the Sustainability and Shared Value Lucie de Vélez Award during the Proflora 2023 event. This recognition was given for implementing our beneficial fungus laboratory, aimed at cost reduction, soil health improvement, biofertilization, and pest control.


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