In Flores El Capiro, we celebrated Christmas as a family

The last month of the year is a time for enjoyment! Love fills up our hearts and each moment becomes more special and optimistic. In Capiro, we celebrate Christmas as a family by spending time together around this holiday’s traditions.

We believe the happiness of our people is incredibly important, making December an ideal time to be grateful to them. That’s why in Flores el Capiro we finished 2019 sharing with our co-workers.

Filling our farms with magic

Two weeks before December arrived, teams from all areas, including administrative staff, dedicated themselves to decorate the facilities of the farms, creating wonderful spaces inspired by this special holiday.

The lights and colors embellished our production centers allowing each workspace to be filled with Christmas decorations, making our people feel at home. Common areas, offices, restrooms, and dining rooms were protagonists.

Christmas Lights

We welcomed the month with Christmas carols, lights, and candles that filled our hearts and farms with light. We shared as a family with hot chocolate and a Christmas box that had custard, fritters, and flakes. With passion, we received the Christmas spirit by enjoying together the end of the year.

Sharing Happiness

We honored the tradition of praying “la novena” united around the manger. Each employee thought about their intentions and thanked God for all our graces.

By the end, we shared smiles with the visit of Santa Claus, raffles and special prizes that included exclusive bonuses, electrical appliances, televisions, kitchen utensils, among others. 

Celebrating Christmas as a family was the best way to close 2019 with the love and accompaniment of our collaborators, growing together, once more, love among all.

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