It’s Christmas, time for flowers

December is here and it comes with all the Christmas joy. The gifts under the trees, the lights all over the rooftops, dinner with family and friends, and then, this year’s special addition: freshly cut flowers. Red, green and white bouquets highlight the beauty of this time of the year.

Christmas is all about loving and sharing. With shopping to do, a menu to plan and events to attend we often ask ourselves: how can we surprise those around us this Christmas? During this holiday season, let the magic of our flowers be the answer.

Flowers evoke smiles and hugs, they are the most accurate gift to show your love. We’ve been growing these for three months to send them all over the world and brighten every corner during Christmas time, making celebrations better and bringing people together to share memories and stories.

Chrysanthemums mean joy and beauty; they are used to demonstrate friendship and well-wishing. Which means they are on the top list of best presents. The magic of Christmas inspires us all, that’s why each of us participate with lots of love, putting together all our efforts to surprise you and your loved ones with outstanding bouquets.

There are many options to choose from: white Spiders with red Daisies or green Santinis match flawlessly. White and green cushions complement each other perfectly. For a more elegant ambience, dyed Chrysanthemums can be combined in different colors such as silver and gold. You might choose a more traditional arrangement or try something new, either way, flowers will transmit the Christmas spirit. 

If you want other options choose Hydrangeas, which symbolize esteem and recognition. When you use them as a gift, you are expressing gratitude. These might be the perfect Christmas present for those people who always make you happy.  

Maybe, if Santa ever decides to replace toys, he’d probably choose flowers. Among the smell of eggnog, hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies, this year let’s all smell some flowers.

Finally, with New Year’s Eve around the corner, we want to thank you all for believing in Flores El Capiro. We’re ready, more than ever, to welcome 2020 by growing new dreams, as we let flowers bring prosperity to the new year.