¡Let´s Celebrate our MOTHERS!

Mother’s Day is an important holiday for many growers, also for us. For this holiday, thousands of flowers are leaving the farm, brightening up Mother’s all over the world. How do the preparations look like at the farm and what does Mother’s Day, or better say the word ‘Mom’, mean for our workers at the farm?

We asked some of our people what the word mom means to them and this is what they told us.


“For me, the word mother means an understanding, loving, simple woman, a person who is always supporting you, giving you a lot of strength, and a lot of wisdom.”





“For me, the word mom is struggle.”






“For me, the word mom means life.”






“To me, the word mom means everything.”






“My mother is the driving force for me and my whole family.”





“My mother is the one who gave me life and the one who raised us up.”





“For me, the word mother means everything: devotion, love, understanding, tenderness.”






“To me, the word mom means tenacity, resilience and love.”





“To me, the word mom means fighter”




Mom is joy, mom is passion, mom is dedication, mom is inspiration, mom is courage, mom is struggle, mom is wisdom, mom is loyalty, mom is the house, the land and the home. But when words aren´t enough, what better way to express those feelings of pure love that with flowers?

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