Our Social Commitment:

“Transform people’s lives”

We cultivate dreams and we are committed to our employees, the community and the environment.

We believe that by providing a friendly and safety working space, our people will feel at home, that’s why we build a solid present to have a better future.

Our family has more than 2.500 employees, whom we take care of and value every day, obtaining results that contribute to our high quality standards.

We feel proud to see our collaborators happy and passionate for what they do, that allows us to build participating and community scenarios, where identity, culture and history are recognized as a value that defines our company.

Our social impact

Maná Soccer Club School

A place where 90 kids, including children from our employees and 40 children from the municipality of La Ceja in vulnerable conditions that we help through our program, participate in a healthy environment where sports and leadership stand out.

Social Inclusion


We believe in giving an opportunity of employment for people in situations of disability or vulnerability, that's why we lead a series of programs to highlight the talent of our community that are dedicated to the creation of crafts and household items.

We promote love for reading and writing

We are proud to lead programs such as the annual Tale Contest where we promote love for reading and writing in our employee children. We seek to raise awareness in our kids, showing them how they can contribute to their society and take care of the environment.


We work day by day for the construction of environments that transform our society and generate participation for the community and our employees, through the sponsorship of schools in the East of Antioquia.

• We promote the Sports Olympics parade

• Yearly we participate in the parade of flowers, bicycles and silleteritos of the municipality of La Ceja.

• Unite for a smile: gift donations for our community

Our people

Activities for the welfare of our people

Recognizing and motivating activities for our people major:

  • Activities of recognition and motivation to our employees
  • Family field trips
  • Kite festivals
  • Vaccination of non-value actions
  • Celebration of special dates such as Halloween, Saint Valentine’s Day, Christmas
  • Transform yourself: a workshop led by our team, seeking the participation of our employees through activities around the values of our company
  • Retirees: we have monthly recognitions to thank our employees that completed their work cycle at Flores el Capiro

One of the main pillars of our company is to promote the educational development of our employees for them to complete their basic and professional studies. Also, we have different benefits for their security and welfare in our facilities.

Some of our benefits:

  • Support for house subsidies
  • Support in education processes for our employees in elementary and high school
  • Training
  • Extralegal benefits

Meet those behind the Flowers

Because our flowers do not grow nor cut by themselves, our people are the greatest treasure and we always work to provide them with the best working and living conditions for them and their families.