Flores El Capiro has 6 production units, a bouquet operation facility and a corporate office located in Medellín, Colombia.

All of them are located in the eastern region of Antioquia, that has an approximated altitude of 2.125 (6.971 feet) above sea level and an average temperature of 26°C (79°F) during the day and 13°C (55°F) during the night.

La Ceja 

Located in San Miguel, el Yarumo region. Here we have our production center of Mother Plants, were we produce the best Chrysanthemums’ cuttings. 206 employees work every day from early hours to grow each one with love.

We greet each other with a smile, strengthening our team, believing in commitment, kindness and education as a solid base for work.

In our production units  we count on collaborators that have been part of our family for years, each of them with dreams and goals of their own, but always connected with the same purpose: growing satisfaction.


Our production center Alhambra is located in El Tablazo, Rionegro. It has its own team of 275 employees , well-known for their interculturality, which makes this unit an “open door center” that encourages a corporate culture based on diversity and inclusiveness.

This team is distinguished because of their creativity and happiness, these traits generate a positive and enthusiastic working environment. We are committed with our hearts and minds, building our work in the belief of cooperation and mutual respect.


This is our largest farm, located near a hill called El Capiro, in La Ceja. As well as in our other production centers, our 631 employees are fully dedicated and compromised with their work. Each of the tasks are done with love, because we understand the value of details, and the inspiration of our people that with their bare hands grow hope and dreams.

Bouquets facility

Our bouquet facility is located inside our Bochica production unity, close to El Capiro hill, which inspired our company’s name. Here, our 353 collaborators transform flowers into emotions, by growing them from the beginning with happiness and devotion, demostrating that our leadership is built from love and sending refrigerated containers around the world packed with illusion and satisfaction.


Padua is located in Cimarronas, Rionegro. Where happiness summons us daily in the outstanding labor of growing flowers. Our 248 employees believes in details, making each day special and unique. Generosity and companionship are the main pillars in Padua’s philosophy.


Valley means for us: vigor and experience. Our 144 collaborators that work here are well-known for their trajectory in our company, with high participation in the production unity activities, and their occupational stability. In this center we are fully committed with the mission of Flores El Capiro, making an endless effort to grow colorful flowers that represent the hopes and dreams of our people.

San Sebastián

Located just 1.5 kilometers from La Ceja – Rionegro, you will find San Sebastian. A prodcution unity that affirms that where flowers bloom, so does hope. After many uncertainties due to the pandemic, we had the opportunity to expand with this new farm and continue cultivating dreams and smiles. Here, our flowers bloom thanks to the love of the405 employees who take their time to ensure a constant, responsible and respectful care of the environment.


Is located in the village of Guamito, one kilometer from the main entrance. Capri is the smallest production center that the company currently has, we focus on the production of high quality pompon chrysanthemums and microsantinis destined for Chile and the United Kingdom. In our team we are around 137 employees, from different regions of the country that enrich our farm with different ideas and customs, but with two qualities in common, quality and enthusiasm to learn.