Each flower tells a story. In Flores El Capiro we have more than 80 varieties of Chrysanthemums to write our own, with the unconditional support of those who have believed in us from the beginning and still do.

We take care of each flower in a detailed and constant way, making sure that all of them are grown with the highest quality standards and under eco-friendly processes.

Our flowers are the door to inspire smiles, from their origin they are grown by our people, our biggest treasure.

In Capiro we understand the emotional meaning of each flower. Their diversity in colors and shapes make each of them unique and ideal for every occasion. Grown under the highest quality standards to fulfill expectations and dreams.

Get to know our Chrysanthemus

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The Chrysanthemum is a gender that counts with more than 30 species of fanarogamas perennes, they belong to the family of Asteraceae, native from Asia and the northeast of Europe.They grow them in China as floral plants since 1.500 a.C. in an ancient city called Ju-Xian – also known as Chrysanthemum City.

In the VIII century this flower was introduced in Japan and an entrepreneur cataloged it as the imperial seal flower.

Today a “Happiness Festival” is held to honor this flower.

Chrysanthemum means Truth

Different meanings of the Chrysathemum around the world:

China: Knowledge
United States: Happiness
Japan: Perfection (Imperial Flower)
Mexico: Love
Spain: Tribute to Death