Proflora 2019 | We Grow Prize Winning Flowers

During three days the main importers and growers of the global flower industry met at the XV Proflora Trade Fair in Bogotá, Colombia at Corferias. There were more than 300 companies and over 60 countries gathered around our well-known of Colombian flowers, distinguished because of their quality, diversity, colors and scents.

Proflora is widely known not only for being one of the most prominent flower shows internationally, but also because it allows people of the industry to stay up to date by meeting face to face under the same roof with the purpose of gaining an overview of the market, collecting information of a wide range of products in a short period of time, and making businesses.

According to Asocolflores, there were around 5 thousand attendants. The visitors came mostly from countries such as the United States, Ecuador, Canada and Japan. They were able to appreciate the love and effort with which we treat our flowers. It was the perfect place to share our story, showcased through our products and services.

The Fair counted with over 500 stands. Capiro’s exhibition showed the quality and beauty of the Chrysanthemums that we grow on our fields by simulating a rain of flowers. The scene recreated by Natalia Ramirez was meant to display our flowers as an art piece by making them float all over the stand, making it one of the most colorful and creative.

Outstanding Varieties Competition

The hard work we put into each of our flowers allowed us to win the first place in the Chrysanthemums category with our Spider Quartz. Its volume and thin petals stole the spot light during the Fair. Our Magnum Yellow and the Cremon Magnum were also the center of attention, winning second and third place in the same category.

Once again Capiro stood out during Proflora 2019 recalling that flowers make it better.

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