The beauty, delicacy and grace of a mother

In May we celebrate Mother´s day, commemorating their dedication, care, patience and love for us all, through a delicious breakfast in bed, a thoughtful present and a beautiful flower arrangement.

It all started in Ancient Greece, where Rea the mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades was honored each year. Later on, the Romans continued this celebration, naming it “Hilaria” and for three consecutive days delivered gifts and offerings to the mother of the gods in the Cybele Temple; meanwhile, Catholics also acquired this tradition to honor Queen Mary and the rest of the mothers.

Furthermore, in England, in the 17th century, it became very common for people to work for important and well-known families, in their big and elegant houses in which food and shelter were provided for the employees. One Sunday a year all of the workers were allowed to bake the famous “Mother cake” and take the day off to spend it with their mothers. Smaller kids, simultaneously, were allowed to go to church on this day to commemorate Queen Mary and hurried home bearing gifts for their mothers to thank them for their infinite love, sacrifice and care.

Nowadays, in most countries and religions, Mother´s day is celebrated in May and even though the stories of how this tradition started are many, all of them agree that mothers must be celebrated and honored in a special day.

An exceptional occasion to show gratitude towards our mothers who have given up everything for us; their unconditional love and support, their infinite patience and compassion and the non-stopping job that comes along with being a mother should be celebrated every day.

Mothers, like flowers, beautify our lives with their presence, tenderness and delicacy. They should be cared for, nurtured and loved for them to blossom and offer the protection and shelter they can only provide.

On this special day, flower arrangements are the perfect and most thoughtful gift for any mother. Flowers resemble these women in infinite ways, through their beauty, delicacy, grace and elegance. There´s no better way of showing our love and gratitude towards our mothers.

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