We care for our flowers and the environment

Since 1970, on April 22, World Earth Day has been celebrated, becoming a date in which awareness and gestures for our environment are highlighted. However, at Capiro we honor our planet with daily actions, knowing that it is in our hands to be able to contribute to the care of natural resources.

We understand the value of flowers and the role they play in nature, that’s why our care is not only for them but also for their ecosystem. Our commitment to sustainability impacts each process, consciously contributing in every way we can.

Environmental responsibility

Growing flowers makes us highly responsible for the protection of our planet, especially in Colombia, a country that represents one of the most important producers worldwide. At Capiro we address issues regarding the misusage of resources and implement programs dedicated to generating alternative sources of energy.

Through the Five-Year Plan we take care of water, one of the main resources used in floriculture. Every five years we present to the Colombian authorities and the Cornare Institution a program that promotes the efficient use of water and water saving. It involves each one of our production centers, with framed activities looking to reduce the consumption of this resource and avoid its waste.

Similarly, we have a program dedicated to the search for alternatives to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and promote the efficient use of this resource. Finally, we have integrated waste management programs that seek to reduce the consumption of materials by recycling and reusing.

The participation of our community

None of these actions would be possible without the help of our collaborators, they contribute daily to the environmental care, growing flowers responsibly over time, making our processes even more special. Our community is aware of their important role regarding the care of our planet, being mindful for the work they do.

As a company, we reinforce and update information by sharing it with our employees in different spaces and meetings, teaching them new ways to care and manage resources.

Our certifications

We are proud of our certification achieved thanks to the rigorous work that promotes safe and sustainable agriculture. With this we seek to work for the care of the ecosystem, the well-being of our workers and the protection of local communities.

GLOBALG.A.P. is an international standard for farm production which goal is safe and sustainable agricultural production to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world. 


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