Why are flowers a tradition on Valentine’s Day?

The feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated annually on February 14. This day of the year couples come together to celebrate love in many regions around the world. On this date, it has been a tradition to exchange gifts, but flowers overpower all other options: arrangements are protagonists in romantic dinners, petals decorate greeting cards and boyfriends strive to find the perfect bouquet. But, why are flowers a tradition on Valentine’s Day?

A story of love and friendship

There’s a story from many years ago that tells that a Roman priest, later named Saint Valentine, decided not to comply with the law imposed by the Emperor, that prohibited young soldiers to marry. The priest believed in the importance of love, so he secretly performed weddings. However, bridal bouquets alerted the authorities, condemning him for treason.

According to the legend, during the days he was imprisoned, he befriended one of the guard’s daughters and cured her from her blindness. Before his execution, he wrote her a letter, signing it “from your Valentine”; the signature caught on and is still used to show affection. Valentine died executed on February 14 and in gratitude to the priest, the girl planted on his grave an Almond tree with pink flowers as a symbol of love and friendship.

Although it’s not a happy ending story, this undying love captured the hearts of hopeless romantics. Around the 14th century, Valentine’s Day became a tradition, recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration of love.

Say it with flowers

Long before the bouquets arrive at your doorstep, major floral companies have been growing their flowers months in advance. Chrysanthemums are one of the most demanded flowers for Valentine’s Day, that’s why in Flores El Capiro we get ready since the beginning of the year to export them all over the world, arriving just in time for the holiday rush.

Expressing your feelings this time of the year might be hard, especially when you feel like words are not enough. That’s when flowers come to play a romantic role and varieties such as Cushions, Daisies, and Santinis are perfect! The delicacy of the petals, their sizes, shapes, and the color palette make them protagonists of this celebration.

When putting arrangements together, you might want to think about floral trends and study the meaning of flowers. But most importantly: consider your special person’s preferences. If your couple is classic you can choose traditional color combinations such as red and white; is she or he more playful? Try combinations in purple and pink; do you rather give something different? Take a look at glitter or dyed options. No matter which combination you choose, gifting them is one of the sweetest ways to say “I love you”.

During this Valentine’s Day lets appreciate the diversity of our flowers, making them perfect to express our feelings and conveying through them the most romantic stories.

This Valentine’s Day express your love with Capiro’s flowers!

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